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5 Reasons Call Centers Don’t Work But Live Chat Services Do

Is there any better time to think about making changes than the first week of January? Maybe you’ve thought about switching from a call center to live chat services, but need a little convincing. Here are 5 reasons why call centers don’t work:

1.       It’s 2013 – People Use their Phones for Everything Except Calling

Like any good marketer, you have to go where your customers are. They might by on their smart phones, but they’re not interested in calling you for help, advice, recommendations, or support. With live chat services, your customers can chat directly with your fans without having to pause their game of Fruit Ninja.

2.       Reps Come from Craigslist, Not Your Fan Base

Would you describe your call center reps as “brand advocates” or part-time employees logging some obligatory phone time before their afternoon class? Our brand advocates, Needlers, are in reality your best customers. They’re more successful at converting sales because they make honest recommendations to your customers based on real experience with your brand. In other words, they like it and they want others to like it too.

3.       You’re Drowning in Overhead

Between monthly rent, furniture, computer and phone equipment, and internet and phone lines, the overhead for a call center is hefty. Whether you get your equipment on the cheap from eBay or a police auction and build your own call center, or if you outsource to a third party, you’ve still got monthly costs you can’t escape. With live chat services, Needlers use their own computer and internet, and can work from anywhere in the world… That makes for monthly costs that are way cheaper than building your own call center or turning to a call center provider.

4.       You Need Better Data

Unless your call center reps take exhaustive notes, you won’t have a record of their conversations with customers. That’s some valuable date you could really use! With live chat services, you can proactively survey your customers and mine data to understand trends, site content issues, and buying behaviors.

5.       Suffering from Flat Conversion Rates?

Call centers are like pet turtles: They’re safe and not likely to destroy anything, but at the end of the day, you’re stuck with a boring turtle that can’t do anything but sit there and stare blankly at you! If you really want to grow your business and get your customers excited about your brand, live chat services with a Needle-like social spin are the answer. Skullcandy increased their conversion rate by 20% just by switching to live chat.

Download our Skullcandy case study to learn what happened when they switched to Needle’s fan sourcing live chat platform!

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